Your Emergency Dentistry Experts in Mississauga, ON

An oral injury can happen at any time of the day. That nagging little toothache might have just become a major pain. When you need emergency dentistry in Mississauga/Deer Run, ON, then you need the skill of Dr. Mindy Fong and her team. Available to address your dental emergency, whenever it happens, your oral health issues become our top priority.

We are here to provide you with the help you need any day, any time, whenever your oral health is at risk.

Root Canals Are Just One Type of Dental Emergency

A root canal is often thought of as the most common dental emergency procedure, but there are other emergencies that can happen. We will give you a full examination as soon as you come in so that a complete treatment plan can be developed. Contact us immediately if you have any of these additional oral health issues:

  • Teeth that have broken due to injury.
  • A lump that has formed in your mouth, especially around your gum line.
  • Any dental pain that requires you to take medicine.

You’ll find the team at Dr. Fong’s office to be warm and friendly. Whether your emergency is simple or complex, each patient receives the full care they deserve so that their emergency dentistry needs are fully addressed.

Dental emergencies may be rare, but treating them quickly is a key component to long-term oral health. Call Dr. Mindy Fong right now at (905) 848-5060 if you have an emergency, and we will see you just as soon as we can.